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Emma's Timeline Draft Pub

Published onFeb 09, 2021
Emma's Timeline Draft Pub

My timeline draft

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Timeline

Key events in Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel

"Here begins our tale. The empire, long divided. must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been."

168 AD-280 AD

Total War: Three Kingdoms Announcement Cinematic Trailer


Emperor Ling takes the throne of the Han Dynasty


Yellow Scarves Uprising

Three heroes swear an oath of brotherhood to save the empire; they attain merit in battling the Yellow Scarves rebels and are thrust into the struggle to control the empire.

Liu Bei (Xuande), Lord Guan (Guan Yu) and Zhang Fei become sworn brothers.


Death of Emperor Ling, Emperor Shao ascends throne.

Dong Zhuo deposes Emperor Shao and enthrones Emperor Xian; Yuan Shao and Cao Cao oppose Dong Zhuo.


Yuan Shao rallies lords against Dong Zhuo

Dong Zhuo moves imperial capital from Luoyang to Chang'an.


Lv Bu kills Dong Zhuo

Lv Bu kills Dong Zhuo.

Cao Cao receives surrender of Yellow Scarves


Cao Cao brings Emperor to Xuchang


Yuan Shao declares himself Emperor

winter 198-199

Battle of Xiapi: Cao Cao and Liu Bei defeat Lv Bu


Cao Cao defeats Liu Bei and captures Lord Guan

Lord Guan later takes leave of Cao Cao to rejoin the Brothers, slaying six generals and breaching five passes; Cao Cao eventually allows his escape.

The Solitary Ride for 1000 Li; Lord Guan Rejoins his Brothers

The Battle of Guandu

The Three Kingdoms - the battle between Cao Cao and Yuan Shao

Cao Cao defeats Yuan Shao at Guandu, expands power in northeast.



Liu Bei takes refuge with Liu Biao in Jingzhou. Lord Guan later loses Jingzhou, giving rise to the idiom "Losing Jingzhou through Folly."


Yuan Shao dies


Utagawa Kuniyoshi woodblock print

Liu Bei seeks out the reclusive Zhuge Liang to serve as his chief strategist. Zhuge Liang (aka "Sleeping Dragon") is living in seclusion in the mountainous Longzhong area, close to modern-day Xiangyang in Hubei. Liu must visit him thrice to persuade him to serve.

Zhuge Liang (Kongming) develops strategies to defeat Cao Cao. He suggests an alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei.

winter 208-209

Battle at Red Cliff

The Battle at Red Cliff is the most famous battle of the Three Kingdoms epic; a face-off between Cao Cao and the alliance of Liu Bei and Sun Quan.

Escape at Huarong Pass

Following the Battle at Red Cliff, Lord Guan allows Cao Cao to escape via Huarong pass, requiting his earlier kindness. This is foretold by Zhuge Liang. The escape is so famous that there is a Chinese puzzle named after the Huarong pass.

Guan Yu Lets Cao Cao Pass (Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 1994)

The Brothers must fight Cao Cao another day.

Su Shi elegized the Battle at Red Cliff in a poem, depicted on this fan.

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